Richard Ahiagbah to run for NPP general secretary

Mr Richard Ahiagbah

Richard Ahiagbah, a member of the NPP communication team in the USA has indicated his desire to contest for the NPP General Secretary next year. Ahiagbah made his intention to run for the general secretary of the ruling NPP during an interview with Nana Osei on Ako radio’s “Nokwasem”, the most patronized current affairs and political talk show for Ghanaians in the diaspora.

He indicated that his desire to run for the general secretary of NPP is born out of the fact that he believes the party is not being run professionally. He is surprised why a party like NPP cannot even boast of a national office let alone regional offices. Ahiagbah also used the platform to criticize the current leadership of the party for the lawlessness that took place after they won power and said “it was lack of leadership that resulted in the activities of the Delta force”. He is of the view that if given the chance to serve as General secretary, he will put the party in a path to maintaining power for the next 24 years.