Presbyterian Pastor threatens demo over towing levy

Rev Dr. Kofi Amfo- Akonnor

The Chairperson of the Ashanti Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev Dr Kofi Amfo-Akonnor has threatened to lead a demonstration against the enactment of the controversial mandatory Vehicle Towing Levy.

According to Rev Dr. Amfo-Akonnor, the implementation of the towing levy would rather create wealth to be shared among some “uncaring politicians” in the country.

The Rev Minister was speaking at the 10th anniversary of Young Adults Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana at KNUST, Kumasi.

“It’s our role as church to fight against harsh laws that are enacted by our own representatives that seem to benefit the representatives and not the represented” Rev Dr. Amfo-Akonnor did not understand why the responsibility of a government agency would be given to a private entity.


The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) has been criticized for attempting to introduce a compulsory nationwide towing levy programme.

The program is expected to ensure that all vehicles that breakdown on highways are cleared off the roads.

Drivers would be required to pay a road safety fee ranging between GHC10 and GHC200 as part of their roadworthy certification fees if the new levy is implemented.

But several pressure groups and civil society organizations have kicked against the policy, calling on government to abandon the idea.


Source: 3news