Ghana faces no known terror threats – Gov’t assures

Mustapha Hamid, Information Minister

The Government has dispelled reports of an imminent terror attack on the country.

A statement released by the National Security Ministry through the Ministry of Information said the alerts by some Embassies and High Commissions in the country to their citizens were only standard cautions which do not represent any specific known terrorist threats to Ghana.


The Canadian Embassy in its security alert to its citizens visiting Ghana said that, “there is a threat of terrorism. Terrorist targets could include shopping malls, government buildings, public areas such as bars, restaurants, hotels and sites frequented by Westerners. Be aware of your surroundings in public places.”

But the statement, signed by the Minister of Information, Mustapha Hamid assured the public that “through collaborative and intelligence sharing arrangements with international allies, the nation’s security agencies will be aware if there is a known threat in the offing.”

“The public is hereby assured that the Nation faces no known terror threats at the moment and remains safe” the statement added.