Draw clear boundary between gift giving and bribery – K. B. Asante

K. B. Asante, retired diplomat

Retired diplomat, K.B. Asante has called for the need to draw a clear boundary between gift-giving and inducement.

He said although Ghanaians show their appreciation and gratitude through gift-giving, the intent of such practices must be examined to determine its genuineness.

According to him, in instances where people willingly give gifts out of their own volition without demanding for favours, then it can be accepted as a way of expressing gratitude saying that gift giving is part of the Ghanaian culture.

Mr Asante was speaking at the 2017 national dialogue on restoring the Ghanaian identity and values organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) on Wednesday in Accra.

The concept of gift giving and bribery is one of the thorny ethical issues that has sparked a number of debates in the political atmosphere of the country, but the retired diplomat believes that “If it is properly done, it shows appreciation,” but not when people use it as an opportunity to pay their way through.

“Let us try to draw a line between genuine gift-giving and giving money, so that something good may be done for you especially against the rules,” he added.


Source: graphic.com.gh