Don’t take Ghana years or decades back; Rev Prof Martey tells Akufo Addo

Rev Prof Martey and President Akufo Addo

The outspoken former moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana Reverend Prof. Emmanuel Martey has advised President Akufo-Addo to minimize his mistakes by dealing comprehensively with vigilantism in the country.

According to the preacher, the growing cases of violent attacks and takeovers by various vigilante groups associated with the ruling party is a dent on Ghana’s democracy.

The Delta Force vigilante group last week made the headlines after they invaded a court proceeding in Kumasi and set free 13 suspects who had been remanded in custody by the trial judge.

The development came in the wake of several of such violent conducts by members of such groups following the victory of the New Patriotic Party in 2016 polls.

Commenting on the development, Rev. Martey warned the President to be decisive in his actions towards such groups because “Ghanaians are watching”.

“The methods of the pro-violent vigilante groups like the Invisible forces, Delta Force, Bolga bull dogs, Western crocodiles and all the rest with their unorthodox modus operandi have doubtlessly been a severe dent on the democratic credentials of our country and the earlier the government puts a halt to this national shame and puts damage control strategies in place, the better for our young democracy; Ghanaians are watching.

“You came in less than three months ago but Ghanaians are watching. Minimise your mistakes, violence is violence no matter who commits it, violence is violence no matter who perpetuates it, and must be condemned in no uncertain terms. Ghana must not be taken years or decades back, we must move rather forward into freedom and justice, progress and development in order to bring into fruition the vision of our political forebearers,” Rev. Martey told a gathering in Kumasi.