BREAKING NEWS!!! Vehicle plows into a crowd of Mardi Gras Band!

A vehicle “mowed” into several members of a band who were set to march in a Mardi Gras parade in Alabama on Tuesday, injuring nearly a dozen people.

A city spokesperson said 11 people were injured, including three people who were in critical condition, WKRG reported.

The vehicle was “a part of the parade,” according to an official, and witnesses told FOX10 that it was a white van with MOAA on its side that was driven by an elderly man. MOAA are the initials of the Military Officers Association of America.

The Department of Homeland Security was monitoring the situation.

Those hit were from the Gulf Shores High School Band, a parent at the scene said. A separate witness told FOX 10 the vehicle struck the students and “mowed them over.”

“A teenage band has just started to march down the parade route when they were struck from behind,” said Grant Brown, a spokesperson for the city of Gulf Shores. “The vehicle was a part of the parade.”

Gulf Shores canceled the parade after the incident and closed U.S. Highway 59 in the immediate area.

The episode comes just days after 28 people were injured when a truck plowed into the crowd at a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade on Saturday. That vehicle was allegedly driven by a highly intoxicated man.