Six bribery “headquarters” in Ghana

Bribery is prevalent in Ghana.  It is a canker that permeates virtually every sector of the Ghanaian economy. Sometimes, nothing gets done without money changing hands.

Here are six places in Ghana where people suspect that bribery takes place.

1. Police MTTD offices

Five bribery hotspots in Accra

Many research findings have named the police as one of the most corrupt institutions in Ghana, despite the fact that they are mandated with enforcing law and order in the country.

Several officials of the police service, especially those with the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD), have made it a habit to exhort money from road users, especially commercial drivers.

And when motorists break the law and their vehicles are impounded at the offices of the MTTD, bribes have to be paid to get them released.

2. Passport Office

Five bribery hotspots in Accra

The passport office is said to represent the very epitome of inefficiency in public service. People have to give ‘kola’ to officials there to avoid the long queues and months of waiting that characterise applying for a passport in Accra. There are also ‘goro boys’ outside the passport office who help people secure passports on time in exchange for money.

3. DVLA offices

Five bribery hotspots in Accra

Just like applying for a passport, it is difficult to register a vehicle or secure a driver’s licence in Accra without having to part with some money. ‘Goro boys’ who lurk around at the DVLA offices help people fasttrack the process in exchange for substantial amounts of money.

4. Tema Port

Five bribery hotspots in Accra

A lot of bribery goes on there as people try to circumvent the law and pay reduced duties on their imports. Others pay to try and avoid the bottlenecks that they are confronted with when clearing goods at the port.

5. Law courts

Five bribery hotspots in Accra

Supreme Court of Ghana

A lot of bribery takes place at the law courts, as people look to subvert the course of justice. A recent investigation by journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas implicated about 180 workers of the judiciary in bribery acts.

6. Parliament

Five bribery hotspots in Accra

Several high-profile personalities have asserted that bribery occurs in parliament. They include PC Appiah-Ofori and Alban Bagbin.

There is a currently an ongoing bribery case in parliament, in which three MPs on the minority side, Mahama Ayariga, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, and Alhassane Suhuyini, have accused the energy minister, Boakye Agarko, of bribing that with GHC3,000 each to approve his nomination as minister.

What other bribery headquarters do you know of?