Ghana: The Useless Black Stars of Nyantakyi

Cameroon’s Ngadeu Ngadjui Michael, and teammates celebrate after he scored a goal against Ghana during the AFCON Semi-final match

There I was hoping the black stars provide some cheer amid a tanking economy. Instead they exited AFCON 2017 without a fight, while earning about $15,000 per player. The problem with the Ghana National team is multi-fold, but it all boils down to one man: Nyantakyi, Nyantakyi, Nyantakyi & Nyantakyi

The current president of the Ghana Football Association(GFA) has been in power for about 20 years and won nothing of substance. His idea of success is qualification for tournaments. If he remains at the helm, we are doomed. If he had a sense of patriotism or an ounce of pride, he would resign and allow somebody else to run GFA. FIFA is encouraging mediocrity with a rule that allows him to keep this job for life.

Nyantakyi employed a coach who knew next to nothing about African football. Even Mourinho, Alex Ferguson or Pepe Guardiola would have had a hard time in Africa. However, Nyantakyi thinks employing a second-rate European coach with zero knowledge of African soccer was a good idea. E.g. despite issues with scoring, our brain-dead coach got rid of strikers (Dwamena & Warris).

The coaches employed by Nyantakyi keep inviting players who have failed us repeatedly. It’s time to take a risk and get rid of the old.

– Get rid of: Afful, Ayews, Asamoah Gyan, Agyeman-Badu, Dauda, J. Mensah

– Invite: Isaac Cofie (Genoa), Donsah(Bologna), Duncan (Sassuolo) Emmanuel Adjei(Anderlecht)

If you watch any of Ghana’s games, you will notice that there is no coherent playing style. The ball is passed randomly between players, with no sense of urgency to go forward to score, unless we are down. 80% of the passes are sideways or backwards. The Cameroon coach attributed Ghana’s downfall to predictable tactics, and I agree with him. We keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. That’s INSANE!

Again, Nyantakyi has not taken any step to get a coach who will change the style.

How do we get rid of Nyantakyi?

The only reason he has not given up power is the money, so we should starve him of funds

I’ll advice the president to suspend all funds to football indefinitely.

Ghanaian players should boycott all national team until he leaves his post

The people should boycott Nyantakyi. Every Ghanaian should ignore him until he resigns (#boycottNyantakyi)

We get the Black Stars we deserve. Please do your part to get rid of this cancer.

Source: by Matilda Asare for GhanaStar