Fire destroys 14 rooms in Tamale

Some residents trying to douse the fire

Fourteen rooms in a 17-room compound house were completely burnt down by fire at Zogbeli, a suburb in Tamale, last Sunday afternoon.

The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) is yet to establish the cause of the fire. There were no casualty.


Personnel of the GNFS, who doused the fire, said some of the burnt rooms were used to store jute sacks.

Tenants who occupied other rooms in the house also had their entire belongings destroyed by the fire.


At the time the Daily Graphic visited the scene, some residents were going through the debris in an attempt to salvage some of their belongings.

Eye witnesses told the Daily Graphic that the fire started from one of the rooms but they were unable to put out the fire and had to finally call the GNFS.

According to a source from the GNFS, it took personnel from the service about one hour, 30 minutes to put out the fire completely.

The source said a large crowd that had gathered at the scene impeded their work.

Meanwhile, the Northern Regional Command of the GNFS has warned residents to be extra cautious when dealing with naked fires as strong, dry harmattan winds currently blowing across the region aided combustion.

Source: GraphicOnline