Reorganise NDC to uphold core principles — Group

The NDC Party

A committee to reorganise the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to uphold its core principles and values has been proposed.

The Coalition for Rejuvenation and Reorganising of the NDC (CRR), a group comprising activists of the NDC, cadres of the 31st December Revolution, constituency and branch executives, made the call  in Accra last week.

Addressing the media, the spokesperson of CRR and an NDC activist, Mr Kunkun Ampiah, said the reorganisation of the NDC should be the focus of party members, rather than the investigations into the defeat of the party in the December polls.

That, he said, was because supporters and activists of the NDC nationwide already knew the causes of the party’s defeat, and as such there was no need for a committee to investigate the causes of the poor performance at the polls.

“We do not need a fact-finding committee to explain December 7. We lost because hundreds of thousands of our members and supporters boycotted the polls for years of neglect by the leadership and some arrogant and ineffective election campaigners,” Mr Ampiah observed.

Blame game

The rank and file of the NDC are currently engaged in a blame game, forcing the party to set up a 13-member fact-finding committee, chaired by Professor Kwesi Botchwey, to investigate the causes of the defeat of the NDC.

However, the CRR believes the Prof. Botchwey Committee is needless, and that the party should focus on how to reorganise the party at the national, regional, constituency and branch levels to enable it to win the 2020 election.


“Our crisis will not be resolved simply by playing musical chairs. We must shelve all premature and unproductive debates on 2020 leadership and focus first on the systemic and reorganisational failings that have allowed leadership to perform so badly for so long,” the CRR said.

Mr Ampiah noted, “We must review our branches effectively and their engagement with our base so that we can regain our propriety or ownership and supporters’ confidence.”

Citing reasons for the party’s defeat, Mr Ampiah said, “Our members and supporters say the party abandoned its grass-roots base – working people, youth, women and indigenous business people, once it got power.

“Instead of policies, programmes and institutions to uplift this considerable and important constituency, our government offered only spin.

“Our members and supporters say the party’s presidential and parliamentary campaigns sidelined experienced hands and party organs in favour of inexperienced and unaccountable appointees, relatives and friends.”

Source: GraphicOnline