16-year-old boy stabbed to death at Asante Mampong

Prince Adu

Prince Adu, a 16-year-old washing bay attendant, has allegedly been stabbed to death by his friend Junior, aka Hello Cici, 15, at Asante Mampong.

Misunderstanding ensued between the boys after Hello Cici attempted to get Prince Adu to the dancing floor at Bantama Spot.

Hello Cici went into hiding after he allegedly committed the crime at the popular drinking spot in the Asante Mampong Municipality, eye witnesses said.

The body of Adu has been deposited at the morgue pending autopsy.

Addai Brobbey, Assemblyman for Asaam Electoral Area in Mampong, said a group of young boys were dancing at the drinking spot on Tuesday when the incident happened.

Hello Cici was on the dancing floor with the other boys but Adu was sitting down quietly. Hello Cici then pulled Adu from the chair to the dancing floor, but the deceased resisted, Mr Brobbey said.

Suddenly, the two clashed, but the other merrymakers at the place managed to separate the two boys.

He said Hello Cici left the scene and threatened to deal ruthlessly with Adu.

Few minutes later, Hello Cici returned to the drinking spot with a sharp knife and stab Adu in the neck.

Adu chased Hello Cici in order to take revenge, but he fell after running for some time.

The bystanders rushed Adu to the hospital for treatment, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Addai Brobbey said the police are working tirelessly to arrest the suspect to face prosecution.


Source: Dailyguideafrica