Martin Amidu elected as Special Prosecutor

Martin Amidu

President Akufo-Addo has announced Mr. Martin Alamisi Amidu as the first Special Prosecutor.

In a groundbreaking announcement set to shock many political watchers, the President extolled Martin Amidu, a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress’s virtues, saying he has no doubt his nominee is very qualified and able to do the job, pending the approval of Parliament.

The President announced from the Flagstaff House Thursday evening that the Attorney General, Madam Gloria Akuffo, made the nomination, and he wholeheartedly approves of the nomination.

The pledge to fight corruption
The Special Prosecutor, once confirmed by Parliament, will carry an extraordinary responsibility independently and impartially to fight corruption.

“The Special Prosecutor, as the Act says in its preamble, ‘shall have full authority and control over the investigation, initiation and conduct of proceedings of alleged or suspected corruption and corruption involving public officers and politically exposed persons in the performance of their functions as well as persons in the private sector involved in the commission of alleged or suspected corruption and corruption related offences.’”