GIBA: NCA sanctions harsh

NCA sanctions radio stations

The Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA) has described as “harsh” the National Communications Authority’s (NCA) decision to sanction some 131 radio stations across the country.

According to GIBA, the sanction could affect investments and employment security of the affected radio stations.

The NCA revoked the authorisation of some broadcasting stations while others were fined for committing various infractions pertaining to their authorisations to operate as contained in Section 13 of the Electronics Communications Act (2009), Act 775.

In all, the NCA is owed GHS1,223,790,000 by some 76 commercial and community radio stations across the country. To this end, the NCA has revoked the license of some stations while others have been fined.

But GIBA in a statement said as much as it wants to encourage state institutions to be actively exercising all mandates in performance of their duties, it is alarmed by the effects of the heavy sanctions on the stations, the extent these actions have on investments and the employment security of their workers.

“The Executive believes the situation as it stands now is rigid, harsh and can affect the morale of others in doing legitimate business knowing the unpredictable terrain of business in Ghana,” the statement said.

GIBA has therefore encouraged the affected radio stations to continue exploring all avenues in opening discussions and engaging the authorities of the NCA to arrive at an agreeable solution to the matter.

The association said it will also continue to offer support and open discussions at all levels of authority or governance to safeguard the interests of affected members and encouraged its members to remain calm, open minded, tactful and to contact the secretariat for further consultations in finding a solution to the situation.

Meanwhile, GIBA noted that it will organise an emergency Council meeting with the Council of Elders on Monday 2nd October, 2017 in Accra to discuss a common ground and the way forward with the matter.