Muntari’s car seized over non-payment of rental fees

Sulley Muntari

According to reports by local media in Italy, the former Inter Milan midfielder was stopped by the police at the Switzerland border.

The website, Fantagazzetta reported that Sulley Muntari was travelling from Italy into Switzerland when he was approached by the police.

According to the report, Sulley was confronted for having defaulted on paying the rental rates on the car he was driving.

However, the footballer, after failing to successfully explain to the police that it was all a misunderstanding, admitted that “he was in difficult times”.

The report stated that he conceded saying, “It’s true, I’m behind on the payment…but I will set everything up soon”.

Muntari’s lawyers have, however, explained that the comments by the Ghanaian international were misconstrued.

The midfielder denied that the seizure of the vehicle took place because of him facing economic difficulties. A release to local press by lawyers stated, “Mr Muntari…is working to resolve it in the immediate aftermath. [TRANSLATED]”