Ghanaian stabbed on a horror date in Australia

Ghanaian stabbed by a woman he met online

A young man is in hospital after being viciously stabbed in an ambush by a woman he met online.

The attacker and two of her friends attacked the man inside his car, leaving him bleeding heavily and begging for help.

Following the brutal attack the man was left for dead on a footpath.

“I’m dying,” he could be heard crying.

“No you’re not. We’re going to take you to hospital,” an emergency worker can be heard telling the distressed man.

The man was frantically stabbed by a gang of three women.

“I’d just gone to bed and heard a man shouting and a woman heard a man say ‘get out’ and I heard a door slam and another door slam,” a witness told 7 News.

The victim, 26-year-old Augustine moved to Australia from Ghana only months ago.

He matched with a woman on the dating App Tinder, then met her and her friends in Richmond last night, before they asked for a lift to Sunshine.

However as the victim drove down the Heron Avenue, things turned violent with the trio demanding the keys to his Volkswagen before finally slashing him with a knife.

The man tried to run but darted back for his keys as his attackers fled in the opposite direction.

A witness, Caroline Tuivanua, convinced her sister to pull over, after spotting Augustine bleeding on McIntyre Road.

“I said, ‘look there’s so many cars out here, nobody’s stopping for this person, what if this person died we should just stop and see if he’s ok?’” she said.

The victim had been knocking on doors for help but to no avail.

“There was blood everywhere. His hands were on his chest and I said to him ‘it’s ok, help is coming. Just wait here, I’ll stay with you,’” she said.

The 26-year-old suffered lacerations to his head, neck and stomach in the brutal attack.

He was brought to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and underwent surgery.

Doctors say it is unlikely he’ll be discharged before his birthday on Sunday as police hunt for the Caucasian women responsible for the attack.