Ghana plunged into darkness; 70% without electricity

Ghana plunged into darkness

More than 70 percent of Ghana was Wednesday night plunged into darkness following what officials describes as ‘disturbance’ to the country’s power system.

Engineers spent the night busily working to restore electricity but has been unsuccessful so far (Thursday morning).

According to the Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo) there was a surge around 9pm Wednesday night which resulted in the loss of several generators which caused massive outages.

The Chief Executive Officer of GRIDCo, William Amuna in an interview explained that the situation could be attributed to a fault on one of the transmission lines or possibly a lightning strike on the transmission lines which has to be determined Thursday morning after restoration.

“We are currently concentrating on restoration, we will come out with the actual reasons for the outages later in the day but for now restoration is ongoing. Hopefully in the next three hours, (9am) we should be done with the whole country.