French businesses will troop to Ghana soon – France Ambassador

Francois Pujolas, France Ambassador to Ghana

France Ambassador to Ghana Francois Pujolas says lots of French businesses will begin trooping to the country soon in response to the new administration’s pro – private sector posture.

He says there are a number of companies in France that would be interested in expanding their operations to Ghana to help accelerate the country’s economic growth.

“As you know, this new government in Ghana is pro-business, private sector oriented and it’s very good. Because actually, lots of French businesses are looking at Ghana; considering opportunities for investments, long term presence in this country,” he explained.

Mr. Pujolas added: “So, I am very confident that in the months, in the years ahead of us, very soon, you will see lots of big French companies, middle size French companies, coming here and helping Ghana to really move ahead and reach the sustainable growth that is needed.”

He says the French government believes Ghana has the capacity to overcome the difficulties the country’s economy is going through currently and France is ready to lend the necessary support.

“France is confident in the capacity and ability of the Ghanaian government and the Ghanaian economy to move ahead and to manage to tackle the present challenges,” he told Joy news at dinner organised by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Ghana in Accra.


Source: myjoyonline