Christian Council to Push for legalization of same sex marriage in Ghana

Rev Dr. Kwabena Opuni Frimpong (Gen. Sec. Christian Council of Ghana)

General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Opuni-Frimpong has made a shocking revelation about a contract he is been compelled to sign by some donor partners.

The respected Reverend who is known to always communicate the stance of the Christian council disclosed that some donor partners want to take advantage of members of the council to push the homosexuality agenda in Ghana.

He noted that, the commission relies mainly on donor support and funding from some United Nations agencies to embark on most of their activities and projects. “Christian council all these years have relied on foreign aid; our three story building office complex and all the program we embark on comes foreigners including the United Nation and so there’s the dependency syndrome. They know we are over reliant on them. So based on that I have been presented a document to sign.”

He explained that the document that was presented to him and the pressure that has been mounted on him is for him to accept to be an ambassador for the acceptance of homosexuality in Ghana.

He detailed that the unsigned document requires him to embark on a media campaign sensitizing people about homosexuality and the need to accept them in our society.

“From tomorrow I should jump from one media house in Ghana urging Ghanaians to embrace homosexuality because the world is now a global village and cultures are being exchanged”.

He also indicated that the contract also came with a good package. He said that he was promised wealth in abundance should he agree to sign the contract.

This is not the first time issues of accepting homosexuality has come to the fore.

Former President of Ghana, Atta-Mills in 2012 refused to kowtow to the wish of the UK Prime Minister despite the threat by the British government to cut aid to countries with anti-gay legislation.

The act of same sex union is frowned upon by Ghanaian culture thus the total rejection of the idea by the majority of Ghanaians.

When quizzed about whether to accept the offer or not by Reverend Opuni-Frimpong, there was a vociferous shout against the idea of accepting the offer by the congregation.

He revealed this during his sermon at the Mount Olivet Methodist church, Dansoman.


Source: Ghanaweb