Health benefit of ripe plantain

Ripe plantain

Plantains belong to the same family as bananas but they have to be cooked to be eaten. Plantains are delicious and can be found in many places in the world. Plantains are starchy and rather bland, with a low sugar content.
Here are a few health benefits of plantains:

Help regulate the digestive system

Fibre has a profound effect on the digestive system and plays a significant role in keeping it regular.

One cup of plantains provides almost a fifth of the fibre recommended daily, which is roughly 25–30 grams.

As a high-fibre food, plantains add bulk to food intake, which aids digestion. Fibre also make you feel full, which can help with weight control.

Boost the immune system

Plantains contain 36 per cent of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A. As another powerful antioxidant, vitamin A provides a number of benefits to the body.

Along with vitamin C, it helps control your immune response, which keeps illness at bay, and a number of important immune system responses rely on vitamin A to perform correctly.

Promote healthy brain function

Vitamin B6, also called pyridoxine, generates several important neurotransmitters that carry information from one cell to another.

A serving of plantains can provide up to 24 per cent of your daily amount needed of vitamin B6.

This vitamin in plantains is one of the eight B vitamins that aid in processing food into energy and metabolising fats.

Great source of magnesium

From helping to regulate blood pressure to preventing osteoporosis, there are many ways magnesium keeps the body healthy.

Magnesium directly affects calcium absorption, which can avert or reverse osteoporosis.

It also lowers the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by controlling blood glucose levels through carbohydrate metabolism and insulin regulation.