Italian priest accused of organizing orgies, prostituting women

An Italian priest from northern Italy has been accused of pimping out some 15 women, as well as organizing and filming orgies in his rectory.

The priest, 48 year-old Father Andrea Contin, was the parish priest at the church of San Lazzaro in Padua. He is under police investigation for psychological violence, aiding prostitution, and living off immoral earnings after three female parishioners filed complaints against him with Church and civil authorities.

According to local reports, police uncovered various sex toys and homemade pornography tapes, disguised with labels of the names of different Popes, during a raid of the rectory.

The priest has also been accused of offering the women’s services on various sites such as wife-swapping websites. He also was allegedly planning a getaway to a French swingers resort.

As many as 15 women were reportedly pimped out by the priest. Several of them reportedly became involved with Fr. Contin after they sought his spiritual advice after the dissolution of their marriages.

Rather than offering spiritual direction, Fr. Contin reportedly seduced the women and made them perform extreme sex acts.

Several reports say that the women filed complaints with Church authorities as early as last summer to a local bishop, who failed to contact police.

Fr. Contin has been suspended from his parish in Padua, but he has not yet been arrested.

Source: Catholic News Agency