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Supporters of then Ghanaian Presidential Candidate Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at a campaign rally last year in Accra

Zimbabwe Can Learn From Ghana’s Political and Economic Success

There is a personal story I share with my children and staff by way of saying never be shy of conflict: no storming, no norming, no performing. Watching the military machinery roll down the gentle avenues of Harare in the country of my birth, Zimbabwe, I am reminded how I […]

People watch as Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe addresses the nation on national television, at a bar in Harare

Mugabe Defies Resignation and Lives Another Day

It was widely believed to be an historic moment when Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe would step down. But instead, during an address to the nation, Mugabe simply provided an update on meetings that have taken place since the army took control of Zimbabwe. The first hint that Mugabe would remain […]

Emmerson Mnangagwa is a longtime ZANU-PF loyalist and hardliner who could prove as authoritarian as Mugabe

Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe’s ‘Comeback Crocodile’

Emmerson Mnangagwa is well-placed to become the next leader of Zimbabwe, after his sacking as vice president triggered the military’s intervention and the fall of Robert Mugabe. On Sunday Mnangagwa was named as president of the ruling ZANU-PF party in place of Mugabe, putting him one step away from the […]

The Great Zimbabwe, a Unesco World Heritage site near Masvingo in southern Zimbabwe, is a ruined city founded in the 11th century. Believed to have been the capital of the Shona people, it gave the nation its name.

Zimbabwe’s Rulers Use a Monument’s Walls to Build a Legacy

GREAT ZIMBABWE NATIONAL MONUMENT, Zimbabwe — Black Africans could never have built the Great Zimbabwe monument, or so the white rulers used to say. Clearly, it was made by the Phoenicians or other visitors from faraway places, they insisted. Never mind that archaeologists and carbon dating had confirmed the obvious: […]

President Robert Mugabe, 92, Zimbabwe’s ruler of 37 years, has received up to $1.2 million for his trips, a former minister said. Credit Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters
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Zimbabwe Stands Still as President Vacations Off the Grid

HARARE, Zimbabwe — It was an urgent matter for President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe: His approval was needed so that a loyal supporter who had just died could be buried at a cemetery for national heroes. But with Mr. Mugabe off on his extended annual holiday in Asia this month, […]

Grace Mugabe, center, at the opening of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front’s annual congress last month in Masvingo, Zimbabwe. Credit Joao Silva/The New York Times
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In Zimbabwe, a First Lady Exerts Her Power

MASVINGO, Zimbabwe — The first lady of Zimbabwe’s display of power was unspoken, though clear, during the governing party’s annual congress, as she focused her speech on new party regalia featuring a teacup-shaped image of her country. “We all drink from the teacup,” Grace Mugabe, the first lady, said, explaining […]

Zimbabwe fans hope they will have something to celebrate in Gabon.
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Afcon 2017: Zimbabwe in chaos ahead of tournament

Zimbabwe’s preparations ahead of the Africa Cup of Nations in Gabon have been thrown into chaos by a row over accommodation and financial issues. BBC Sport has learned the team refused to stay at the Zifa Village training facility, saying it is sub-standard, and have been booked at a Harare […]