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Osei Tutu II meets the Queen in 2000 CREDIT:  FIONA HANSON
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‘The Ashanti King gave me £350,000 and I took it to the bank in taxi,’ sacked bank official claims

To a Ghanaian King, handing someone a holdall stuffed with more than £350,000 to deposit in a bank might seem nothing out of the ordinary. Indeed, when Osei Tutu II, traditional ruler of the Kingdom of Ashanti, summoned Mark Arthur to his multimillion-pound residence in Henley-on-Thames and handed him a […]

Here's all you need to know about Uru, Ghana's version of Uber

Here’s all you need to know about Uru, Ghana’s version of Uber

Uru, an online transportation service, has been launched in Ghana with its operations covering nationwide West African country, Ghana has launched a mobile app to connect commuters and drivers. Uru is a smartphone-app based taxi booking service which connects users who need to get somewhere with drivers willing to give […]