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Ghana - Germany: 60 years of bilateral relationship
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Ghana: Germany Marks 60 Years of Ghana Relations

German movies, cultural and media workshops are part of celebrations marking 60 years of cooperation between Germany and Ghana. The West African nation is lauded as one of Africa’s model democracies. For Yibor Kojo Yibor, a Ghanaian cultural analyst, Saturday’s event should offer an opportunity for Ghanaians to reflect more […]

A crowd in 2015 framed a stadium clock that counts how long Hamburg has been a part of the Bundesliga. The clock notes an essential fact of Hamburg’s identity: it is the only team that has played continuously in the Bundesliga since the league’s inception in 1963. Credit Oliver Hardt/Bongarts, via Getty Images
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Time and a Relentless Clock Weigh on Hamburg Soccer Team

HAMBURG, Germany — Workplaces often display a particular type of signage: “This Department Has Worked __ Days Without An Accident.” These notices, with their hopefully ascending numbers, are meant to remind employees of institutional standards, of individual responsibilities, of the importance of mindfulness and consistency. The Hamburger S.V. clock is […]

Roman Herzog, former president of Germany, in 2015. Credit Markus Schreiber/Associated Press

Roman Herzog, Germany’s President in 1990s, Is Dead at 82

Roman Herzog, who as Germany’s second president after reunification called for “confidence and joie de vivre” during a time of economic malaise, died on Tuesday. He was 82. The death was announced by the current president, Joachim Gauck, who did not provide further details. “His forward-looking courage was combined with […]

Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel in 2012. Credit Thomas Peter/Reuters

Angela Merkel, Russia’s Next Target

HAMBURG, Germany — It’s no surprise that Russia met President Obama’s expulsion of its diplomats, which he announced Thursday in response to the Kremlin’s efforts to manipulate the 2016 election, with a collective shrug. Moscow seems content to let the clock run out, knowing that on Jan. 20 Mr. Obama […]

Germany Grapples With Its African Genocide
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Germany Grapples With Its African Genocide

  WATERBERG, Namibia — In this faraway corner of southern Africa, scores of German soldiers lie in a military cemetery, their names, dates and details engraved on separate polished tombstones. Easily missed is a single small plaque on the cemetery wall that gives a nod in German to the African […]