The Togo unrest has resulted in at least 7 deaths

ECOWAS leaders chastised for not condemning Togo unrest

Leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have been criticized for failing to condemn political unrests in Togo that has resulted in the death of seven persons and arrest of opposition members during Saturday’s protests. CAP 2015, the main opposition coalition and PNP, another opposition group, on […]

A woman sought cover Saturday as Kenyan police officers clashed with supporters of the opposition leader Raila Odinga in the Kibera neighborhood of Nairobi, the capital. 
Goran Tomasevic/Reuters

Protests Rage On in Kenya After President Is Re-Elected

KISUMU, Kenya — The sun had barely risen, but protesters were already bracing for another wave of confrontations with the police in the city of Kisumu on Saturday after an election disputed by supporters of Kenya’s opposition party. As the smell of tear gas and smoke from burning debris clung […]

A car slammed into a group of counterprotesters after a rally by white nationalists on Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. killing at least one and injuring at least 19. 
Ryan M. Kelly/The Daily Progress, via Associated Press

Man Charged After White Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville Ends in Deadly Violence

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — The city of Charlottesville was engulfed by violence on Saturday as white nationalists and counterprotesters clashed in one of the bloodiest fights to date over the removal of Confederate monuments across the South. White nationalists had long planned a demonstration over the city’s decision to remove a […]

More than 60,000 cases of rape are reported in South Africa every year

17 year old girl charged with murder for killing ‘would-be rapist’

A 17-year-old girl, who handed herself in to South African police, has been charged with murder after killing a man who allegedly tried to rape her. “She was on her way to a local tavern when she was allegedly attacked by the deceased and fought back,” police said. The young […]

Ghana, Mali pledge to deepen bilateral relations
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Ghana, Mali pledge to deepen bilateral relations

Ghana and Mali have pledged to work towards strengthening the ties of cooperation that exist between them, after the Presidents of the two countries expressed satisfaction with the current state of that relationship. In a joint communiqué issued at the end of a day’s working visit to Mali by President […]

President Emmanuel Macron and wife Brigitte Trogneux

Meet the newly elected French President and his wife

The newly elected president of France Emmanuel Macron is a 39-year-old former investment banker and economy minister and his wife, Brigitte Trogneux, is a stylish woman, with blond hair and a warm smile. She also happens to be 24 years Macron’s senior. They met when he was a high school […]

Lakota East seniors and quadruplet brothers from left, Zachary, Aaron, Nigel, and Nick Wade pose together at Lakota East High School, in Liberty Township, Ohio, Wednesday, April 5, 2017. All the brothers have been accepted at some of the nation's top universities, including each of them to both Yale and Harvard. (Greg Lynch /The Journal-News via AP)


Last week, something really incredible happened in the Wade household. Ohio quadruplet brothers Zachary, Aaron, Nick, and Nigel Wade found out that they were all accepted into Yale and Harvard University. “Honestly, to have one child from a family be accepted to a school like this is amazing,” said Zachary. “But for all four […]

Languages: Out of Africa
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Phonetic Clues Hint Language Is Africa-Born

Languages Grew From a Seed in Africa, a Study Says A researcher analyzing the sounds in languages spoken around the world has detected an ancient signal that points to southern Africa as the place where modern human language originated. The finding fits well with the evidence from fossil skulls and […]

Gorsuch's nomination went through a Senate Committee on Monday

Republicans go ‘nuclear’ to ram through Trump’s Supreme court nominee

Republicans have taken the historic step of changing US Senate rules in order to ram through confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court pick. They invoked the “nuclear option” after Democrats used a tactic known as a filibuster for the first time in half a century to block the nominee. Denver […]

Relatives of victims looked on as the bodies were recovered

Pakistan shrine: 20 murdered at Sufi shrine in Punjab

At least 20 people have been murdered and others wounded at a Sufi shrine near the city of Sargodha, in Pakistan’s Punjab province, police say. Deputy police commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta said the main suspect was the shrine’s custodian, Abdul Waheed. The shrine was run by a Sufi saint, Muhammad […]