The Obama administration was riven for months by an internal debate about how much of its evidence to make public. Credit Al Drago/The New York Times

Obama Strikes Back at Russia for Election Hacking

WASHINGTON — President Obama struck back at Russia on Thursday for its efforts to influence the 2016 election, ejecting 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives from the United States and imposing sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services. The administration also penalized four top officers of one of those services, the […]

A Syrian shopkeeper waits for customers next to paintings of of President Bashar Assad and Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah at the Souk Tawil market in Damascus, Syria, in February. Turkey said on Dec. 29, 2016, that Hezbollah, which has sent thousands of fighters to support Assad, should withdraw from Syria. (Hassan Ammar / AP)

Russia-Turkey cease-fire goes into force in war-ravaged Syria

A cease-fire brokered by Russia and Turkey went into effect in war-ravaged Syria at midnight Thursday, a potential breakthrough in the six years of fighting that have left more than a quarter-million people dead and triggered a refugee crisis across Europe. If it holds, the truce between the Syrian government […]

Sen. John McCain, left, and Sen. Lindsey Graham, seen here on Nov. 16, 2016, said the Obama adminstration's sanctions on Russia "are a small price for Russia to pay for its brazen attack on American democracy. We intend to lead the effort in the new Congress to impose stronger sanctions on Russia." (Michael Reynolds / EPA)

Republican response to Russia sanctions: Some praise for Obama, some praise for the hackers

President Barack Obama‘s administration’s move to name and sanction more Russians it accused of hacking Democratic campaign organizations had been previewed for days in leaks to reporters. But as they issued statements and appeared on news shows Thursday, Republicans offered a wide range of responses, from praise for the administration […]

Part of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Dec. 30, 2016. Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not expel American diplomats in retaliation after President Barack Obama kicked out dozens of suspected intelligence agents and imposed sanctions in a furious dispute over alleged election interference by Russia. (Alexander Nemenov / AFP/Getty Images

Putin says he won’t expel American diplomats after Obama sanctions Russia over alleged election interference

The United States has unleashed a string of sanctions and ordered expulsion of 35 Russians in retaliation for alleged cyber-meddling against the U.S. election, but President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Russia won’t oust American diplomats in a retaliation for the move. The diplomatic showdown between Washington and Moscow, which […]

Russian President Vladimir Putin talks to U.S. President Barack Obama during a meeting on Sept. 5, 2016, at the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China. On Thursday, Dec. 29, 2016, The U.S. ordered 35 Russian diplomats to leave the country within 72 hours, a sanction that is aimed to punish an alleged cyberhack into the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. (ALEXEI DRUZHININ/SPUTNIK/KREMLIN / EPA)

How to be declared ‘persona non grata’ and get yourself kicked out of the United States

In response to Russian hacking of American political organizations, President Barack Obama announced a number of retaliatory actions on Thursday, including the expulsion of nearly three dozen Russian citizens from the United States. “Today the State Department declared 35 Russian government officials from the Russian Embassy in Washington and the […]


In Bahrain, Arabs and Jews Gather (and Dance) at a Hanukkah Celebration

Orthodox Jews in black coats and skullcaps danced with Arabs in flowing robes and checkered kaffiyehs at a Hanukkah celebration over the weekend in Bahrain, a Muslim-majority monarchy whose king has sanctioned celebrations of the Jewish holiday. Video of the celebration, which included a Jewish delegation giving a large silver […]

Hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, including the endangered Siberian crane, gathering for the winter at Poyang, China’s largest freshwater lake, in Jiangxi Province. Credit Visual China Group, via Getty Images

As China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Shrinks, Solution Faces Criticism

HONG KONG — Long celebrated as China’s largest freshwater lake, Poyang reaches more than three times the expanse of Los Angeles in the summer wet season. It is home to the rare Yangtze finless porpoise, and its mud flats are the primary winter feeding grounds for thousands of birds that […]

Jacqueline Sauvage was found guilty in 2014 of shooting her husband with a hunting rifle after decades of abuse. She has been granted a full pardon. Credit Philippe Renaud/European Pressphoto Agency

François Hollande Pardons French Woman Who Killed Abusive Husband

PARIS — In an unexpected move, President François Hollande of France granted a full pardon on Wednesday to a woman who had been sentenced to prison for murdering her husband after decades of domestic abuse. The woman, Jacqueline Sauvage, was found guilty by a criminal court in 2014 of shooting […]

The scene of the truck attack on a Christmas market in Berlin last week. Credit Bernd Von Jutrczenka/European Pressphoto Agency

Tunisian Detained as Possible Accomplice in Berlin Attack

BERLIN — A 40-year-old Tunisian man has been detained as a possible accomplice of Anis Amri, the man identified as the terrorist who carried out the truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 people, German officials said on Wednesday. The Tunisian was held in Berlin, news agencies […]

Germany Grapples With Its African Genocide
Homeland News World

Germany Grapples With Its African Genocide

  WATERBERG, Namibia — In this faraway corner of southern Africa, scores of German soldiers lie in a military cemetery, their names, dates and details engraved on separate polished tombstones. Easily missed is a single small plaque on the cemetery wall that gives a nod in German to the African […]