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The Small Satellite Orbital Deployer (SSOD), in the grasp of the Kibo laboratory robotic arm, is photographed by an Expedition 38 crew member on the International Space Station as it deploys a set of CubeSats. Credit: Reuters
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Ghana launches its first tiny, cube satellite into space

Ghana’s first satellite is now orbiting Earth. It’s a historic moment for the country at a time when several African countries are increasingly interested in space exploration. Just last year, the African Union passed an initiative to help coordinate the efforts of space agencies across the continent. The GhanaSat-1 was designed […]

Fall Armyworm
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Invasion of fall armyworms ravages crops in 20 African countries

Insect to cause $3bn damage to maize in next 12 months and serious food shortages An invasion of fall armyworms from the Americas has ravaged crops across more than 20 African countries, putting hundreds of millions of people at risk of hunger. Experts warned this week that the continent will […]

Languages: Out of Africa
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Phonetic Clues Hint Language Is Africa-Born

Languages Grew From a Seed in Africa, a Study Says A researcher analyzing the sounds in languages spoken around the world has detected an ancient signal that points to southern Africa as the place where modern human language originated. The finding fits well with the evidence from fossil skulls and […]

A scan of the surface of a human embryonic stem cell. Credit David Scharf/Science Source
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A New Form of Stem-Cell Engineering Raises Ethical Questions

As biological research races forward, ethical quandaries are piling up. In a report published Tuesday in the journal eLife, researchers at Harvard Medical School said it was time to ponder a startling new prospect: synthetic embryos. In recent years, scientists have moved beyond in vitro fertilization. They are starting to […]

In pools of water in the Danakil Depression, the combination of heat, high acidity and sulfur concentrations causes bright yellow chimneys to form. Credit Carl Court/Getty Images
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Gazing Into Danakil Depression’s Mirror, and Seeing Mars Stare Back

DANAKIL DEPRESSION, Ethiopia — In oppressively dry heat and a miasma of sulfur and chlorine, the rocky landscape sprouts patches of neon green and yellow that resemble oozing scrambled eggs. Near-boiling pools of acidic water bubble between odd formations of rocks and minerals: white beehive-shaped mounds of salt, yolk-colored lattices […]

A fairy circle in the NamibRand Nature Reserve in the Namib Desert. Credit Jen Guyton
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Fishing for Clues to Solve Namibia’s Fairy Circle Mystery

With its bone-dry grasslands and oppressive heat, the middle of the Namib Desert may seem like a strange place to go fishing. Yet there Jennifer Guyton and Tyler Coverdale were, standing in a sea of orange sand and brittle yellow grass with their 30-foot carp pole. But the two Princeton […]

The Milky Way as seen from a mountain in western Switzerland in August 2016. Credit Anthony Anex/European Pressphoto Agency
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Absolutely Every Bit of Our Galaxy

Astronomers have arrived at what they believe to be the most accurate measure yet of the mass of the Milky Way: about 4.8 x 1011 times the mass of the sun, or “solar masses,” to use a standard unit of mass in astronomy. This comes to about 9.5 x 1041 […]

Shinya Yamanaka directs Kyoto University’s Center for iPS Cell Research and Application, and leads a small research lab at the Gladstone Institutes, which is affiliated with the University of California, San Francisco. Credit Ko Sasaki for The New York Times
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The Stem-Cell Revolution Is Coming — Slowly

In 2001, President George W. Bush issued an executive order banning federal funding for new sources of stem cells developed from preimplantation human embryos. The action stalled research and discouraged scientists. Five years later, a Kyoto University scientist, Shinya Yamanaka, and his graduate student, Kazutoshi Takahashi, re-energized the field by […]

A bow-shape feature stretched across much of Venus’s atmosphere in December 2015. Scientists from Japan’s Akatsuki spacecraft mission called it a gravity wave.
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Venus Smiled, With a Mysterious Wave Across Its Atmosphere

For a few days, Venus smiled — sideways. When Japan’s Akatsuki spacecraft pulled into orbit around Venus in December 2015 and turned on its instruments, it almost immediately discovered a bow-shape feature in the atmosphere stretching 6,000 miles, almost pole to pole — a sideways smile. More remarkably, while Venus’s […]

Power waves - Waves can generate huge amounts of renewal energy
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Could waves become the next big renewable energy source?

The force of crashing waves can generate huge amounts of energy. But there’s a catch: how do you develop technology that can withstand the sea’s harsh environment with minimum disruption to the ecosystem? One Israeli-based company, Yam Pro Energy — believes it can offer the ideal solution and is set […]