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Republicans Have Lost the Plot on Their Obamacare Repeal

President Trump and Republican lawmakers have never been able to explain how they would improve on the Affordable Care Act, which they’ve promised to quickly repeal and replace with something better. Now, it’s increasingly evident that they have no workable plan and might never come up with one. Congress blew […]

Cameroon's Ngadeu Ngadjui Michael, and teammates celebrate after he scored a goal against Ghana during the AFCON Semi-final match
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Ghana: The Useless Black Stars of Nyantakyi

There I was hoping the black stars provide some cheer amid a tanking economy. Instead they exited AFCON 2017 without a fight, while earning about $15,000 per player. The problem with the Ghana National team is multi-fold, but it all boils down to one man: Nyantakyi, Nyantakyi, Nyantakyi & Nyantakyi […]

MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Common sense appraisal of Mahama’s “massive” projects
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MANASSEH’S FOLDER: Common sense appraisal of Mahama’s “massive” projects

The initial title of this article was, “Any idiot can borrow money and build projects.” I had to change it because those who might not read beyond the headline would, as usual, accuse me of insulting the President. But that is the essence of this article. And this is not […]