The vaccine has been tested extensively in more than 15,000 children
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Malaria: Kenya, Ghana and Malawi get first vaccine

The world’s first vaccine against malaria will be introduced in three countries – Ghana, Kenya and Malawi – starting in 2018. The RTS,S vaccine trains the immune system to attack the malaria parasite, which is spread by mosquito bites. The World Health Organization (WHO) said the jab had the potential […]

Paul Kolnik, a photographer, underwent stereotactic body radiation therapy for his prostate cancer, which is now in remission. Credit Yana Paskova for The New York Times

Popular Prostate Cancer Therapy Is Short, Intense and Unproven

After learning he had early stage prostate cancer, Paul Kolnik knew he wanted that cancer destroyed immediately and with as little disruption as possible to his busy life as the New York City Ballet’s photographer. So Mr. Kolnik, 65, chose a type of radiation treatment that is raising some eyebrows […]

Over about two years of study, researchers found that Repatha, when added to statin therapy, further reduced the risk of heart attack or stroke by about 15 percent. Credit Robert Dawson/Amgen, via Associated Press

An End to Heart Disease? Not Quite

Imagine you have a high risk of heart disease. Maybe you even have had a heart attack or a stroke. Since then you have done everything you can to stay healthy: you exercise, track your blood pressure, take a statin. With the publication of a new study last week, you […]

Salt-preserved dried tilapia popularly known as Koobi in Ghana

‘Koobi’ Sellers deny use of Formalin to preserve fish

Salted tilapia, aka ‘Koobi’, sellers have called on Ghanaians to disregard reports circulating in the media that ‘Koobi’ is poisonous. Reacting to a statement attributed to the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, that some traders had resorted to preserving the ‘Koobi’ with formalin, a cancer-causing […]

Salt-preserved dried tilapia popularly known as Koobi in Ghana
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Health alert: “Koobi” being preserved with cancer-causing formalin

Some traders have resorted to preserving ‘koobi’, dried tilapia, with cancer-causing agent, formalin. Formalin, which is a chemical used to prevent dead bodies from decomposing, is being used by the traders to preserve the fish; thus making it stiff, have a rubbery feel, clear eyes, red gills and take away […]

Acinetobacter baumannii, a group of drug-resistant bacteria commonly found in soil and water. The W.H.O. rated research on this and two other pathogens as “critical priority.”
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Deadly, Drug-Resistant ‘Superbugs’ Pose Huge Threat, W.H.O. Says

The World Health Organization warned on Monday that a dozen antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” pose an enormous threat to human health, and urged hospital infection-control experts and pharmaceutical researchers to focus on fighting the most dangerous pathogens first. The rate at which new strains of drug-resistant bacteria have emerged in recent years […]

Mr Woonki Lyeo (2nd right) making the presention to Dr Ebenezer Appiah-Denkyira (2nd left). Looking on are Dr Linda Vanotoo (left), Greater Accra Regional Director of GHS, and Dr Thomas Anabah, Medical Director of the hospital. Picture by Emmanuel Quaye

Accra Regional Hospital receives surgical equipment

The Surgical Unit of the Greater Accra Regional Hospital (GARH) has taken delivery of medical equipment valued at US$ 70,000 for the establishment of a laparoscopic surgical project meant to reduce pain and haemorrhaging in patients during surgery. The equipment, which was funded by the Korean Government through the Korean […]

A hospital in Durban, South Africa, in 2010. The worst-known outbreak of XDR-TB, the deadliest strain of tuberculosis, is in the Zulu-dominated mountains behind the city, where H.I.V. is also extremely common. Credit Joao Silva for The New York Times

In South Africa, Deadly Tuberculosis Strain Is Spread Directly

The deadliest strain of tuberculosis is XDR-TB, the “extensively drug-resistant” type, meaning that many antibiotics do not work against it. XDR-TB is rare but very lethal. Curing it takes up to two years, and the drugs prescribed can cause permanent deafness, nerve damage, vomiting and rashes. Between 50 percent and […]

Thousands of people showed up on Sunday in Warren, Mich., to hear Senator Bernie Sanders, independent of Vermont, denounce Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Rallies were held across the country over the weekend. Credit Robin Buckson/Detroit News, via Associated Press
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Fear Spurs Support for Health Law as Republicans Work to Repeal It

WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald J. Trump and congressional Republicans appear to have accomplished a feat that President Obama, with all the power at his disposal, could not in the past seven years: They have galvanized outspoken support for the Affordable Care Act. People who benefit from the law are flooding […]

Sickle cell anemia in human blood. Credit Science Source

Easing the Toll of Sickle Cell Disease in Childbirth

Creating hospital teams devoted to treating pregnant women who have sickle cell disease reduced death rates for those women by almost 90 percent, a study at a major hospital in Ghana showed. Sickle cell disease is common in West Africa, and among black people in the Americas whose ancestors came […]