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School children swim to cross river to attend school in Tapa Abotoase

school children swim to school

Most basic school children at Tapa C.K Kope and fifteen other communities in the Biakoye District of Volta Region determined to access education have to swim to school everyday.

This is because the only bridge they use to cross the river has broken down for several months.

The residents in an exclusive interview with Adomonline.com’s Gershon Mortey said strenuous efforts to get the authorities to repair the broken bridge had failed.

They revealed that the development compelled the pupils to climb trees around the river or swim to their various schools with all its attendant risks.

Some of the pupils said although it is more dangerous especially during rainy seasons; they are left with no choice but to bravely swim to school.

They noted that those who swim leave their uniforms in silver pans and cross to prevent it from getting wet.

The pupils also disclosed they spent about 30 minutes to get to their various schools.

crossing the river to school

They bemoaned how the situation is affecting their academic performance and feared it could also affect their BECE results.

“The time we have to spend each morning traveling to school, consumes much of time needed to be in classroom therefore end up studying for just a few hours”.

They therefore made a passionate appeal to government to repair the bridge for smooth journey to school.

“We are pleading with government to come to our aid so that we can achieve better education to become good future leaders…”

The founder of CK Kope, Mr Mr Christian Dotse Akpalegbe urged the government to build schools in the CK village to save the children the stress of traveling to school.

some school children crossing the river to school

He further added that, lands have been allocated for the project but the work hasn’t commenced.

“There are about 15 communities and school children in these towns who swim to school on daily basis so if the bridge is fixed, the problem will be solved. We don’t want any pupil to drown so we want the government to help us put up a school to help the students…”

“We approached the land owners and they have given us a land for the school but it hasn’t started but for now the bridge is the main concern …”he indicated.

Meanwhile, the Member of Parliament for Biakoye District Aboagye Nyampong expressed shock at the incident.

He said the pupils have an option to use Tapa Amanfrom, where there is a bridge to cross the river.

“They have to walk to Tapa Amanfrom, a suburb in the area to cross the river because construction of the bridge will take time” he added.


Source: adomonline

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